Patch Note - Septemeber 2018

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Patch Note - Septemeber 2018

Post by Shanks on Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:20 pm

Greeting Flyffers,

After some major work on our Server, We are proud to say that September 2018 Upgrade time has been done.

Patch notes -

Security And Stability:
1.We've done some major work on upgrading and stabilize the server, Server now runs smoother and better secured.
2. Disconnections, Bugs And Lags has been fixed.

System Implanted: All of the systems appears under the Start Menu.
1. Partyfinder is now available for your use.
2. Improved Pick-up Pets Filter is now available. (Lower cards and items has been implanted into the system for your use).
3. Improved Aura Changer is now available.

Other Upgrades And Updates:
1. Inventory Capacity has been increased from MINIMUM to 168 Slots.
2. Party Scrolls are now available for you to purchase and use at NPC.
3. Model Change System has been improved and working properly.
4. Sky Temple Mobs (250-275) HP has been decreased greatly.
5. PvP Events Time has been updated to suite all of our global community.
6. MazeRunner System has been improved.
7. Website has been updated.

We wanted to say thanks to all of you guys, for the belief, the patience (not everyone lol).
we are doing our best.

Will see you ingame!


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