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Server Rules

Post by Shanks on Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:43 am

Exclamation This are our server rules Exclamation

Forum, Facebook Page, Discord Rules:
1. Do not use bad language.
2. Do not abuse other players.
3. English is the only language we use, since our server is worldwide. [there will be groups for different languages discussions].
4. Invite anyone u can to enjoy our great content!
5. Have Fun afro

Ingame Rules -
1. Selling \ Buying Equipment, Curreny or any other ingame item in real life currency is prohibited, selling or buying will cause a permanet ban.
2. Do not abuse, Make fun of each other.
3. Hacking, Duping, Cheating is prohibited, using those methods will cause a permanet ban.
4. PvP, PvE atleast 23 hours a day lol!

Those rules wrote in blood, Please do not break them.

Have Fun Guys And Girls!

Best Regard,
RaidFlyff Team.

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