Patch Note - 23/08/18

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Patch Note - 23/08/18

Post by Shanks on Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:27 am

Hello Dear Flyffers

Patch Note 23/08/18
After a long maintenance, I'm happy to inform you we are live!
Patch details:
1. Fixed all the issues we had.
2. No wipe has been needed to happen. so we are good to go!
3. Edited blue beads duration - from 1hr to 2 days.
4. Remove fashion combination NPC - Scrolls adds 3 lines awakes.
5. D, C, 2 and 3 percent Cards will remain at drops for this moment, will be deleted in the next patch.

Please Do not forget to vote for us -

Have fun Raiding flyff ^^

-RaidFlyff Team

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