Leveling Guide !

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Leveling Guide !

Post by Shanks on Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:12 am

Leveling Spots & Guide

Upon creating a character, you start as a level 1 Vagrant (duhh). You’ll just have to go to town first and get buffs from buff pang.

1. Flaris (Level 1 – 15)

  • First kill an Aibatt then proceed to Lawolf and kill a couple of them to trigger the job change. You’ll receive 10 scroll of velocity and scroll of sprint together with 10 freebie coin (see the section below for tips how to use this).

  • Proceed to tele pang near the Flaris bridge between the river of weeping and teleport to Saint morning when you changed your job.

2. Saint Morning (Level 15 – 40)

  • Activate the given scrolls and quickly proceed to Mr. Pumpkin. Kill at least five or seven of them and you’ll be level 28 - 30 in no time. Upon reaching level 30, you’ll receive another 10 pcs freebie coin and a guild creation scroll.

  • Pick some set parts (green item) drops from the monsters as each parts give you 25 million penya. Sell them for some money later on.

  • Proceed to east and kill some jack hammers then proceed to totemia till you hit lvl 40.

  • Once you’ve reach level 40, use the town blinkwing and proceed to pang to teleport to Garden of Rhisis.

3. Garden of Rhisis (Level 40 – 50)

  • Kill a bunch of Lumping Basque till you reach level 45 and you’ll receive an exp amplification potion, upcut stone, grilled eels and another freebie coins.

  • Use the exp pots and kill some more Lumping Basque till you reach level 50.

  • There’s a Pang near the spot  and teleport back to saint morning and sell some items.

  • Buy town blinkwing to flaris so it’ll be easier for you to move anywhere.

  • Proceed to Darkon 1.

4. Darkon 1 & 2 (Level 50 – 75)

  • Go north and kill some small drillers till you hit level 60 and job change. Upon leveling to 60, you’ll receive balloons and freebie coins.

  • Use flaris blinkwing and exchange the freebie coin for Collosseum Set (Fashion). Buy a pet, buy refresher hold & activation hold (if you are a magic user). Wear that fashion set and use pink balloon and warp back to darkon 1.

  • Proceed  to killing garbage spider then proceed to greemong and carrier bombs till you hit level 75 – 77.

  •  Proceed to darkon town and teleport to darkon 3, Arians

5. Darkon 3 (Level 75 – 110)

  • Proceed to Grrr and target only the monster named “Grrr” without the small/captain added. Kill them till you hit level 88.

  • Proceed to chimerdon and spam till you reach level 97.

  •  Kill some bernerky until you reach level 105 – 110.

  • Return to flaris and buy the 105 set (the one with 15% block on eflyff).

  • Return to darkon 3 and kill some poprank till you reach level 110.

  • Use blink wing to teleport to volcane (fastest) or shaduwar (average) to reach another level milestone.

6. Volcane/Shaduwar (Level 110 – 120)

  • Kill monsters till you reach level 120

  • You’ll receive 20 Perins, FLY, FOR and FUN premiums.

  • Return to flaris town, buy a cape or glass that adds exp%

  • Use the freebie coin to buy shadow weapon

  • Go back step 4 -6 until you reach level 120 again.

  • You’ll receive rewards and save them for later on.

  •  Proceed to Kaillun Grassland (fastest) or Valley of Risen (average) to reach another level milestone.

7. Kaillun Grassland/Valley of Risen (Level 120 – 130)

  •  Kill monsters corresponding to the level you can kill until you reach level 130.

  • Proceed to bahara desert after reaching level 130

8. Bahara Desert (Level 130 – 150)

  •  From here onwards, killing at least one to three monsters would instantly fill your exp bar towards the next level. Kill monster that you can kill till you reach level 150.

  •  Once you’ve reach level 150, proceed to Plumeria.

9. Plumeria (Level 150 – 200)

  • Once you’ve warp towards the map, you won’t be able to access the map function here and see the monster information.

  • (ALL CLASS EXCEPT ARCANIST AND MENTALIST) you need to pump stamina from here onwards since the mobs hit quite hard. Be sure to use grilled eels and hope monsters won’t hit you.

  • Luckily, monsters here are quite close to each other and you won’t get lost trying to kill monsters corresponding to your level.

  • Once you’ve reach level 200, proceed to white dessert.

10. White Dessert (Level 200 – 250)

  • Kill monsters corresponding to your level until you reach level 250.

Upon reaching level 250, you’ll automatically get the following:

   1. 200 perins
   2. 2 red perins
   3. 100 freebie coin
   4. 10 blessing of goddess
   5. 5 rock – paper – scissor coupons.

11. Sky Temple (Level 250– 275)

  • 1. Those mobs do have high hp, you might wanna upgrade your gear and farm some currency in other places before going over there.

  • 2. Exp Should get harder from 250-275, Won't be a fun ride. but will worth alot.

Have Fun Raiding Flyff.

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